Perhaps the most important element in a successful construction project is good communications with your building contractor. Two-ways, effective communication between project owners, building contractor, and all other team members helps ensure everyone is working toward a common goal. Delivery of a successful construction project often hinges on good effective communication.   Construction projects are … Continue reading “Good Communications with your Building Contractor is Essential”

When you undertake a building project, you want to make sure that the estimate you receive is as accurate as possible. Nothing can cause project failure faster than excessive cost overruns and variances from schedule or design. Whether you’re planning office construction or any other project, steps can be taken to ensure your estimates and … Continue reading “Keys to Negotiating with General Building Contractors in Houston”

If you are thinking about renovating your company’s office space, you should consider the information offered in a 2016 article by Julie Wagner of the Brookings Institution on the effect of office space design on company culture. The report points out that there are four types of office designs, each of which supports different types … Continue reading “Building Contractors Can Renovate Office Space to Reinforce Corporate Culture”

One of the main reasons construction projects exceed budget and overrun schedules are surprise conditions uncovered at the job site as work proceeds. Some issues are difficult to plan for during the initial phases. Your building contractor should be experienced and alert to the possibilities of unknown conditions. Surprises are particularly a problem when existing … Continue reading “How to Avoid Surprises When Working With a Building Contractor”

When you undertake an office construction project, the last thing that either the contractor or the customer wants to see happen is scope creep. Scope creep can be a nightmare for all parties as the project grows beyond its original design, affecting both quality and schedule.  Scope creep is one of the main causes of … Continue reading “How to Avoid Scope Creep with Your Office Construction Project”

Many people today fall back on the old technique of design-bid-build when planning their building or remodeling project.  There is a natural tendency for a project owner to want to manage everything and to undertake a building project by selecting one company to complete the design and a different company to manage the construction.  This … Continue reading “LET’S TAKE ANOTHER LOOK AT DESIGN-BUILD – WHY IT’S IMPORTANT”

When it comes to construction jobs, whether small or large, it’s important that one hires a good general building contractor to oversee the project. Choosing a building contractor that isn’t efficient or able to imagine the end result of the project you’re hiring them for could determine the success or failure of the job you’ve … Continue reading “How to Find a Good General Building Contractor”

There is always room for improvement. This is true for everything, including rental spaces. With renting, tenant improvements made could be financially rewarding as it could also manage to improve the rental income in the process. What most landlords fail to realize is how quickly they see the return on their investment, in both the … Continue reading “Tenant Improvements Improves Your Rental Income”

From plumbing and electrical repairs that were left incomplete, doors swinging unprotected, to accidents caused by you, your kids, your pets, or guests in your home, damage to the drywall in your home is bound to occur. Considering this reality and the time and money it will cost, homeowners are faced with what seems like … Continue reading “Why hiring a professional to repair your drywall is the best solution”

In the traditional approach to a construction project, contractors are usually not involved until the much later stages of the project. This fact can sometimes cause considerable delays or budget overages because the original design lacked constructability and must therefore be modified. More often than not, architects and designers will come up with design elements … Continue reading “Why should you choose a Design-Build approach to your tenant improvement project”