Why add-on to your property? We’ll give you a few different reasons! Say you’re thinking about adding on to your house, but you’re not sure why. If you’re planning on adding kids to your family, but don’t have the room, an add-on creates more space for your family. If you’re having family over more often … Continue reading “Time To Add On”

We’ve all heard some horror stories. When someone decides to re-do their house or build an add-on, the typical route involves working with two (or more) different companies. One company does the design, then that design goes out to a completely different construction company, who then executes the design. It should be easy, in theory, … Continue reading “Renovation Struggle”

Lately, instead of buying houses, homeowners have been looking more at the lot. Maybe they like the house, maybe not — they’re probably in it for the location, like the proximity to good schools or nearby churches. It used to be that if you didn’t like a house, you might grin and bear it. Not … Continue reading “Why Build New?”

In today’s real estate market, it’s increasingly more common to buy the lot rather than the house. Many people have developed their perfect house in their head, and when they can’t see it in real life, it’s time to build it instead. While this can be a headache, it doesn’t have to be. Many companies … Continue reading “What Is Design-Build?”