Perhaps the most important element in a successful construction project is good communications with your building contractor. Two-ways, effective communication between project owners, building contractor, and all other team members helps ensure everyone is working toward a common goal. Delivery of a successful construction project often hinges on good effective communication.
Construction projects are complex undertakings that involve dozens to hundreds of people, all with different skill sets and variable levels of understanding as to what needs to be done. It is everyone’s responsibility to work to establish and maintain good clear and trustworthy communications. Here are some factors important in establishing and maintaining good communications.

  1. One of the most important outcomes of good communications is to build relationships of trust and open exchange of information. These relationships are critical when carrying out the details of a complex construction project.
  2. Teamwork is very important for any project and is especially true for a complex construction project. Good, effective communication helps strengthen cooperation, contributes to team building, and improves the flow of information.
  3. Working within teams with your building contractor encourages feedback of information. It is impossible for a project manager to be at all places, at all times, so information flow from the job site is critical to identifying, understanding, and correcting any problems or issues that might arise.
  4. Ideas, suggestions, and recommendations should be allowed to flow freely from bottom to top and top to bottom. Within the teams, effective communication can result in brainstorming with new ideas leading to cost and time savings. Effective building contractor, such as SMB Group builders, include project owners, all team members, and, sub-contractor personnel, in building and establishing good clear communications.
  5. Ultimately, effective communications lead to a successful building project. When all members of the construction team from project owner, building contractor, and individual team members including subcontractors work together with the free flow of information, the probabilities of the successful project increase. Getting the job done under costs, on or ahead of schedule, and with an excellent safety record is one of the results of effective communications.

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