One of the main reasons construction projects exceed budget and overrun schedules are surprise conditions uncovered at the job site as work proceeds. Some issues are difficult to plan for during the initial phases. Your building contractor should be experienced and alert to the possibilities of unknown conditions. Surprises are particularly a problem when existing construction is being remodeled.
SMB Group building contractors utilize the latest in the designed-build concept when they approach a project. Under this concept, the SMB Group takes responsibility for all phases of planning and construction. Thus the design team works closely with the construction team, which improves communication, reduces design conflicts and lessens scheduling problems. This also helps eliminate surprises.
Reviewing details during the earliest project planning steps is one of the surest ways to eliminate or reduce surprises. Construction experience is one of the most important components in catching items that may cause a problem down the road. Improper materials, the presence of mold, design inconsistencies, or structural problems with standing facilities can be caught if watched for during the earliest stages of planning. One of the best ways to guard against condition surprises is by hiring an experienced building contractor. A skilled building contractor will often be able to identify conditions associated with concealed problems and can alert the planning team during the planning phase. Also, budget and cost estimates should allow for some amount of unexpected costs.
Delays and increased costs linked to weather conditions are virtually impossible to predict. Some adjustments in the budget and schedules should be planned for so when severe weather does occur it doesn’t throw the budget out of line. Once again, working with a building contractor experienced in your geographic area can make all the difference. Also, an experienced building contractor such as the SMB Group can catch hidden items such as the presence of asbestos or structural defects in your existing building which might go unnoticed.
It is also important that as the project proceeds all members of the design and construction team communicate regularly with the project owner. In this way, the owner can be alerted to any unknown conditions as they arise, and an assessment of their impact on the budget made immediately.
At the SMB Group, we pride ourselves in delivering cost-effective design and construction projects. Our managed design-build approach minimizes the impact of unforeseen conditions. When you are seeking a building contractor in the Houston area, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to work with you to plan, design, estimate, and build the project you envision. Whether you are requiring small projects such as drywall repair or a complete project from the ground up we are here to satisfy your requirements. Our staff will be more than happy to discuss our approach and review the details of your project. Give us a call: 281-272-0786.