When you undertake a building project, you want to make sure that the estimate you receive is as accurate as possible. Nothing can cause project failure faster than excessive cost overruns and variances from schedule or design. Whether you’re planning office construction or any other project, steps can be taken to ensure your estimates and forecasts are accurate.

The SMB Group Builders are general building contractors serving Cypress, Katy, and the rest of Houston. When you work with SMB Group Builders, your plans will be carefully reviewed to ensure all parties understand your goals and objectives. There are several factors which are most often the cause of cost overruns. These include errors in the specifications for the project, failure to include all factors in your planning, overlooking required permits, and changes in pricing and availability or delivery times for supplies. At SMB Group we know these factors can be important and we monitor all aspects of the project to ensure there is tight control on costs.

When specifications are developed for a project, whether it is ground up construction or drywall repair, your general building contractor should look carefully at every detail to be certain that the specifications reflect everything that’s needed for the finished project. Omitting important factors will mean that the contractor could fail to include those factors in the final estimate. Checking and double checking the specifications will help catch any errors that have been made.

Similarly, as you plan your project, all details should be thought through and should be included. Consider other similar projects and review the details for comparison of features. The SMB Group offers a design-build approach which means both the design and the build phases of your project will be handled by SMB as the general building contractor.

Be certain your general building contractor plans for and obtains all required permits. These are items that are sometimes overlooked. These can be significant both in terms of cost and in completing work required by the permits. Overlooking a permit may mean that, down the road, once the missing permit is discovered, work that has already been completed may have to be redone or undone. This will unquestionably result in additional and unexpected costs. Again, double checking every detail of your project during the planning stage helps prevent missing a required permit.

One area that is difficult to estimate is the availability and pricing of supplies. Market conditions for materials such as lumber, steel, concrete, or any other building materials can fluctuate dramatically between the time the initial estimate is made and the time the material is required at the job site. Keeping a close watch on the major material items and staying in touch with suppliers is paramount in catching price changes or changes in availability (delays in deliveries). Experienced general building contractors, such as SMB Group Builders, work closely with vendors and suppliers and will bring any issues to your attention as soon as discovered.

SMB Group building contractors are your go-to source for general contracting in Houston. Give us a call today to discuss your project. We will work with you to ensure your project plans are complete and thorough and that your estimates and budgets are realistic. One of our staff members will be happy to discuss with you all aspects of your project. Call today: 281-272-0786.