Many people today fall back on the old technique of design-bid-build when planning their building or remodeling project.  There is a natural tendency for a project owner to want to manage everything and to undertake a building project by selecting one company to complete the design and a different company to manage the construction.  This approach follows the traditional pattern of design-bid-build used for many years in which the project owner hires an architect, then brings a contractor on board, and hopes the job is done right.

The effect of this is to place the project owner in a position of managing multiple contracts, trying to deal with engineering changes, and monitoring communications between a multitude of individuals.  The project owner winds up right in the middle of the entire process: between designers, contractors, and, even, in some cases, sub-contractors. The results: miscommunication, higher costs, and slower delivery.

An approach that is gaining popularity is the design-build approach.  Under this project management method, the project owner contracts with one company at the project start. The company, then, brings together the entire team – architects, construction services, sub-contractors, others.  The team then works under one contract, with one defined project goal.  With this approach, communications are smoother, and cooperation is improved and, using this technique results in a project with fewer glitches and better end results.

Studies conducted by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) – Penn State Research comprising 351 projects of various sizes and types, showed the following advantages of the ‘design-build’ method of project management versus the design-bid-build approach.


Metric                                                        Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build

Unit Cost:                                                                   6.1% lower

Construction Speed                                                    12% faster

Delivery Speed:                                                          33.5% faster

Cost Growth:                                                              5.2% less

Schedule Growth:                                                       11.4% less


These studies confirm the idea that design-build delivers advantages that put it head and shoulders above the traditional design-bid-build approach.  These are important considerations whether you are evaluating major new construction or small remodeling projects for your home.

The design-build approach begins early, with the design-build company meeting with the project owner to discuss plans and objectives. Designers, architects, and builders work together to develop plans that are considerate of your budget, are ‘buildable’ on the ground, and fit your objectives.  At SMB Group, we strive to bring together the very best in designers and builders to create a seamless project from beginning to end. Our approach ensures continual communications between designers and builders resulting in fewer change orders, lower costs, faster delivery, and reduced construction missteps.

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