If you are thinking about renovating your company’s office space, you should consider the information offered in a 2016 article by Julie Wagner of the Brookings Institution on the effect of office space design on company culture. The report points out that there are four types of office designs, each of which supports different types of company cultures. Working with your building contractor to convert your current office space into one of these four configurations could pay off for your business.
Once you have decided the type and style of office space design, SMB Group building contractors will work with you to develop your project plans, create your design specifications, and bring your office renovation into reality. Four types of office space configurations lend themselves to different types of company cultures. As you think about your office renovation, it is a good idea, to begin with considering the type of company culture you want to foster.

  1. Control Culture. Companies with controlling type cultures are organizations dedicated to getting things done right. These companies have strong management hierarchies and will have an office design characterized by cubicles plus closed offices. SMB Group building contractors can design and build any style office remodel including a closed type office floor plan.
  2. Collaborative Culture. If you are seeking to promote an innovative organization, then talk with your building contractor about a more open office space design. This type plan may be the best approach. An open design with a limited number of closed-in spaces lends itself to group work and team building.
  3. Create Culture. A company culture focused on creating new products and fostering new ideas to differentiate it from competitors will generally have a fluid office-space design. This design is open, like the collaborative offices, but workspaces are easily changeable to accommodate the creative nature of flexible workgroup.
  4. Compete Culture. Company cultures focused on delivering rapid results to the marketplace and being able to compete effectively against its competitors generally work best in a medium open space environment. In this type of office design, there will be a fixed number of individual workspaces and larger public meeting spaces.

Once you have either identified the culture type of your company or decided the company culture type you want to encourage and foster, you can then begin the process of designing your office space renovation. Experienced building contractors such as SMB Group builders are knowledgeable in design and construction of any type of office space remodeling. Our experienced team of designers and builders will work with you to create the office space you have in mind.
When you’re ready to put ideas to paper, give SMB Group builders a call, and we will be happy to work with you to develop a project plan that fits your budget as well as your company’s culture. Whether you’re looking for a creative style office space remodel or want a controlling type office space design, SMB Group builders are ready to go to work. We are building contractors specializing in all types and sizes of office space redesign. Call us today at 281-272-0786, speak with one of our professional staff, and convert your ideas into reality.