When you undertake an office construction project, the last thing that either the contractor or the customer wants to see happen is scope creep. Scope creep can be a nightmare for all parties as the project grows beyond its original design, affecting both quality and schedule.  Scope creep is one of the main causes of project failure and invariably results in both an unhappy client and a dissatisfied contractor.

The good news is that there are some specific steps you can take to avoid or minimize scope creep. Office construction undertaken by the SMB Group, general contractors in Katy, Houston, and Cypress minimizes scope creep by applying managed planning techniques early in the project.

First, SMB personnel make certain every element of the project is well-defined, and the customer has a clear understanding of what he or she will be receiving in the final product. Project documentation is developed to define clearly all details of the project. Above all, it is important that the client understands what work will be done under the terms of the contract, and that any work not originally included will result in additional costs.

Even with the best planning, situations sometimes arise which are unforeseen. To minimize these incidents, make certain the customer has carried out a careful evaluation of all pre-construction conditions needed for your office construction. Insist that the site has been tested and analyzed, specifications have been clearly documented, required licenses have been identified, etc. It is at the early steps that the customer must understand that any work asked for that is not covered in the original project will result in additional costs. Ensure at the beginning that the customer signs off on final design plans and all of their accompanying documentation.

Finally, be certain to get everything in writing. There is no substitute for written project plans as well as a construction contract spelling out the responsibilities of both the contractor and the customer.

The SMB Group services Houston, Katy, and Cypress and are specialists in office as well as strip center construction. SMB’s professional team can guide every customer through every step of the planning, design, and execution of any project, whether you are interested in a major design-build general construction or a simple remodeling project, SMB Builders will be there to help. To get your project started, give them a call today at 281-272-0786. Their experienced team will be more than happy to work with you on your project and ensure that throughout your project scope creep can be minimized. Call SMB Group Builders today.